Creative Literacy

Enhancing and embedding literacy skills through the Performing Arts.

What We Offer

The Anchor Creative Education weekly literacy sessions utilise drama and music to enhance and expand your pupils' writing skills.

Sessions are an inclusive opportunity for your pupils to explore literacy skills on their feet!

Pupils use speaking and listening for writing to explore the various literacy skills and genres using an array of dramatic scenes, theatrical games and songs.

Utilising our expertise in the performing arts, Anchor sessions bring to life skills such as adverbial phrases, complex sentences, irregular past tense verbs, metaphors, synonyms and balanced arguments!

Whatever your pupils' literacy focus is, we create an exciting, active drama session to enhance and embed your class' knowledge.

The Anchor sessions are tailor made for pupils across the whole primary sector. From blending letters and sounds to adverbial sentence openers we cover all aspects of literacy in an engaging, creative manner.

Pupils are invited to:

  • Hop aboard the Adverb Train

  • Dust on some detail with a subordinate soap opera

  • Get involved in a Synonym Spat

  • Sing the Smile Rap, the Imperative Verb Blues and the Alliteration Reggae Song, as well as many more creative literacy based activities


Prices are based on a full term of delivery (depending on your timetable our Anchor specialist on average will deliver 5 x 1 hour sessions per day).

£2650+VAT - One full day per week.

£1550+VAT - One half day per week.

You can add a drama club or booster group to your weekly provision for just £300 (inc VAT) per full term.

To book your sessions or for more information, please contact us!

In an Anchor session literacy is made fun! Our teacher is really funny. I enjoy every minute of it, it makes English easy! Riley, Yr 5

In our Anchor sessions we learn a lot, it is fun and I am now a better writer because of it. Eleanor, Yr 5